2 Day Event
July 13th and 14th
9:00AM-12:00PM / 4:00PM-7:00PM (lunch break in-between)

Join us for a 2-day immersive study to dive deeper into the practice. We will explore many topics and areas of human movement inspired by our teacher Ido Portal.
The classes will be taught by SCM owners and teachers Dean and Leela who have studied with Ido and his team for 10 years and have more than 15 years experience teaching.
This is a great opportunity for experienced practitioners to come together as well as new movers looking for inspiration to start a movement practice. There is no prerequisite in order to join this event - all are welcome.

What we will explore:

Spinal health: Improve mobility and stability in the spine in various angles and positions. Big frame articulation of the torso and connection to the lower limbs within space and improvisation.

Coordination: The capacity to organize the body in a specific way in order to increase efficiency or towards resolution of a certain problem/task.

Rhythm: Understanding and controlling rhythm is an important aspect of a movement practice. If you can control the rhythm you can also break the rhythm.

Somatic/Internal: Internal observation of oneself. Working with sensations, organization and investigation of the inner self.

Locomotion & Floor work: Learn how to communicate with the floor and move through space in various planes and levels through different patterns. Explore how to combine them and eventually improvise with them.

Partner work: Tactical games to test ourselves in changing scenarios.

Strength: Exploring the concept of strength through various tasks to develop a more capable, adaptable and efficient body.